BIONANO EYE MASK bionanocellulose flakes with an activator containing HALOXYL™ & EYELISS™

  • wrinkles made shallower
  • significant improvement in frimness and flexibility
  • reducing bags and dark circles under the eyes

182.00MDL 165.00MDL


The innovative bionanocellulose eye mask has been created on the basis of the advanced 3D structure biotechnology. This is why it creates a perfect layer – the SECOND SKIN – on our skin, making it possible for all the active ingredients to penetrate it in an excellent way. Fibers impregnated with an activator, consisting of carefully selected active ingredients. The innovative fibre structure ensures maximum absorption of the substances, which improves hydration, smoothing and regeneration.


The organic bionanocelulose fabric is obtained by the fermentation process of Gluconacetobacter xylinus E25  bacteria strain. The material is natural, non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-allergenic.  It is distinguished by its tri-dimensional structure enabling high penetrability of liquids and gases and ability to withhold microbes. Thanks to the right connection of cellulose nanofibers, the material is flexible, robust and resistant to stretching. It fits in to the facial shape and adheres to it perfectly.




Every ingredient we use represents our commitment to a higher standard of safety in skincare and cosmetics.

EYELISS™ – a complex consisting of 3 active substances: a derivative of hesperidin, dipeptide and lipopeptide. The active substances reduce capillary permeability, enhance lymphatic circulation, make the skin firmer and more flexible, and reduce inflammatory conditions. This complex improves micro-circulation, diminishing swellings and shades under eyes. It is an effective weapon in fighting the so-called puffy eyes effect.

HALOXYL™ – a complex of substances that effectively reduces dark circles under the eyes. Contains flavonoid – chrysin and peptides. Causes the excretion of waste products of hemoglobin breakdown: iron ions and bilirubin, the accumulation of which is the main cause of formation of dark circles under the eyes. Improves firmness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes, strengthening the structure that supports the network of capillary vessels. Lightens pigmentation and evens skin tone.